Love Sandra and her music. Adds class to Bellevue/Lincoln Square and her restaurant venues.
Your music is food for the soul. Your talent is appreciated and evident in your writing and playing style.
Sandra, thank you so much for participating in our event. Your singing was wonderful! Dyakuyu.
It was very nice to run into you again yesterday! Hearing talented pianists like you is always a joy, especially when you're performing live.
Sandra ... What fun last evening! You are truly a superb performer--love your piano and voice!!! Love, Dee
I have heard just once your marvelous record, just because I´ve just arrived in Brazil. But I will enjoy it again and again. A great artist like you can´t be missed! With the very very best regards from Brasil.
Feb 2015 Recently I had the opportunity to listen in on your piano performance and enjoyed the many songs you shared. The songs you chose to play together went well and the music was pleasant to listen to. Thanks Sandra.
Muchas gracias por tus canciones, me traen fuerza y alegría! Thank you very much for your songs, they give me strength and happiness! Wilson Palanca, Nicaragua.
Sitting in a crowded room, you disappear into the music. How fortunate to go to such a lovely place. And what you give to the room is pure beauty. The glass top piano sings as you disappear into the Music. Thank you for blessing me. You become one.
I was sitting at the Piano during your performance last night and just wanted to drop a line and say thanks again. It sounded totally awesome. Articulate and passionate. You clearly love your work.
You are definitely an all around beautiful artist! Thank you so much for this gift and being a part of my life!
"Your Goddess Rising song changed my life!" - Lynn
I so enjoyed your music today at Bellevue Square--and thank you for explaining the blues scale! I came home and tried it out for a few things, and it was a lot of fun. I'll definitely be using that 5(flat) when I play around on the piano (although perhaps not during church preludes.) Thank you!
great music and arrangements! Keep up the super work. Nice chatting with you and your husband. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Good luck and we will be in touch! Daniel
Wow you have an amazing voice and are beautiful piano player. I know that if you keep up the good work big things will happen for you. Never give up. I can't wait to hear more.
Sandra, thank you it was a pleasure talking with you today at Lincoln Square. I listened to some of your songs and your husband he has a very nice voice! I am one of your fan's will buy one of your CD'S too! see you on Tuesday's Paul Davison.
Hi Sandra, Its been so long. Love the pics on your site (very nice). Well wishes from the North end. Dan
I really enjoy your music, you are a very talented musician. You are an insperation.
Pretty cool vibe we have going here, keep it going =]
hi ms locklear i miss you.
hi mrs.locklear.
hi miss locklear your music are great and do you work at Beverly Park Elementary ? I will miss you during spring break i will see you on thursday.
I'm looking for the pianist that was playing in the lobby at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue 2-3 months ago. I stoped by to listen and we exchanged business cards. Please contact me....Thanks
hi ms. locklear your music is really good i am looking forward to the music festival
hi Ms.Locklear! Have a good Winter Break! bye!! your student, ~Rachael
your music is GREAT! you shold play that in class ( mr. reardon's class ) at shorewood.HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!
Hello Mrs. Locklear! You substituted my spanish class today and decided to check you out. You have a fabulous voice and I hope to see you soon.
Hi Sandra, I'm the guy that stopped by while you were playing in Lincoln Square today. I really enjoyed the clips of your music you have posted. I'd love to sit down with you at Tully's and talk with you about composition and your career thus far. Send me an email if you can next time you play at Lincoln. Thanks so much Andrew Hafford
wow, you are a talented singer and musician! Where did you record? The recordings I listened to on your website were of such great quality. I'm curious, I'm unclear on if boys can have a goddess within them? Get back when you can. PS. if you have any artistic needs, (logos, designs, illustrations, covers) keep in contact.
Hi Mrs.Locklear. I Just Wanted To Check Out Your Website. I Have A Quick Question Are You Related To Heather Locklear.? I Know You Awnsered This Question In Clas But I Dont Remember. Reply Back Soon.
You are a beautiful woman, keep up the good work! I hope you the best on your musical journey. Hope to hear more!Soon,
Sandra, I have been a big fan of yours since I met you on a river boat cruise on the Columbia river, July '06. I hope you are doing fine, and you look as beautiful as ever. I listen often to the cd you gave me and my kids. I have some photos on my screen saver, and one is of the both of us together the last night of the cruise. Every one who sees it, says you are a beautiful lady. I hope you the best. David Burton
Hey Sandra -- I am wishing you the best of luck and grace on your journey my dear friend of 30 years! You and the soul of your music obviously continue to evolve as demonstrated by your incredible eclectic talent as singer, songwriter, pianist and the awesome energy and love of your music you exude in your performances. I love your website and it’s a great example of your professionalism. I continue to really enjoy your fantastic CD’s “Goddess Rising” and “Girl Gone Jazz.” And I am so looking forward to catching the internet streaming of “Jazz TV” at of your recently taped live show on King’s County’s public access station. I am so happy that you are finally receiving the exposure you deserve so that many, many more of us can share in the enjoyment of you and your music.
I really admire all your hard work. You have a sweet warm voice.Ill be watching the scan show this sat. (17th of may). yours william
you are awesome
That is how I perceive your singing work -- as spiritual healing. Thanks for keeping me posted, I hope to hear your luscious voice again sometime soon. Keep singing your medicine...
Thundereye...It's some time since I've heard your beautiful voice, which seems to be improving with age! Happy to see you have a new CD. Saw a short article in the SGN, I will keep my eyes open to try and catch you live. AKA Julia
Wow.I did not know that Seattle still had talent. Your music has inspired me, and I admire a woman who paves her own path.
Thanks for sending me information on your gigs at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Sandra! I hope that Tanya and I can come on Dec. 30th and perhaps one of the Jan. Sundays as well. Your web site is first rate. Mike
This is a brilliant and multi-talented effort. It is indeed a smorgasbord of splashy and upbeat tunes. I have been and will continue to enjoy this CD into winter just to keep me warm.
Great website mother. I wish you good luck on all your endevors.
This might be a strange thing to say but I don't like jazz....but when I went up and sampled your music, it has so much...SOUL that I am going to be one of your happy customers!
Great Website...hope to see you in Bellevue sometime end of month and have CD to sell with you if you can.... Well Done and Congrads!!!
Hey there gorgeous, how have you been? It's been a while, but it seems you're doing great! Shoot me an email and let me know what's up Michael
Wow what a great web site. What a great musician! What a great singer. What a fantastic sister in law. When are we having a tour in the UK ??? xxxxxx
Hey Sandra!! Great to see who well you are doing!!! Are you selling your CD at Sal's or somewhere locally where I can just run in and get them? I will forward this to my kids as well I am sure they will like your music. Good luck in all of your ventures. It is a real pleasure to know you. Rose Clark
Hello Sister~ Great to see your site! I hope to see you at one of your venues soon. Love & Blessings, Jojie
Hello Sandra Thanks for inviting me to your website, it's just great with your smiles and lovely music. Hope we have a chance to see your concert soon. Best wishes to you from all of us. Vinh
Hello Sandra, The comment you make on your website says it all. Music is such an integral part of our lives and I cannot imagine life without it either. Keep that positive energy going! You are making the world a better place to be in! Best Wishes, Claudia
I love your singing and playing style. A very nice subtle yet assertive tone. Are you Canadian? Beautiful music. Give me more more and then some..
I really like House of the Rising Sun. Very different rendition. I listen to KPLU in Seattle/Tacoma. Haven't heard your new CD on the air yet, but they're a little conservative. Wishing you success with your new CD.
Great new site to complement the swingin' sounds! Have you ever been featured on KUVO in Denver, CO? I *know* I've heard your voice before but I don't recall seeing you live in the NW....

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